Saturday, 25 February 2017

Shop a Lil', Jump a Lil', It's Hong Kong After All!

Discover the Thrill of Shopping like never before

What Super Bowl is to the Americans and bullfighting to the Spanish, shopping is to the Hong Kongese. It's nothing less than a serious sport! And, if you were to fuse all the malls and shops of the world, it's all there crammed up beautifully in Hong Kong. There's no need to rub the lamp to call the genie, Hong Kong has it all outpoured onto the streets.
Lauded as one of the world's craziest shopping venues, Hong Kong offers everything from designer boutiques,to street markets to galactic malls, inviting frequent flights to Hong Kong. The city also hosts colossal trading fairs, but one should really wonder what makes shopping in Hong Kong an ethereal occurrence? Well, here's a lowdown:

So, What's On Offer?
Hong Kong breathes and lives a shopper's life. Being Southeast Asia's shimmering gem, the audacious new shopping malls, seductive shops and classy avenues has everything that you can even imagine in your wildest dreams - a vault of clothes, a mountain of cosmetics, a sea of electronic goods, a forest of furnitures, a treasure chest of jewellery, need we say more! Whatever buyer you might be, there's something for youz. Depending what your pocket allows, you'll not mind shopping at the flagship stores and other designer shops.

The highlights: The Yau Ma Tei area is the most bewitching hot spot for bulk purchasing kitchenware at commercial prices.
Shopping Tip #1: Compared to most destinations, shopping in Hong Kong is cheaper. Most goods from all over the globe are tax free, except for wines and cigarettes.

Being a Mallworm
For those addicted to brands and love to flaunt, the Harbour City Mall houses the second largest Louis Vuitton store apart from the posh outlets of Dior and H&M. To get a good deal at the retail shops such as Pacific Place, Sogo, So Ho and Time Square are the best choice with a large option for food, entertainment and relaxation. Alternative to the tiredness of shopping, you can slip into the bookstore or sip coffee with some appetizers.

The highlight: Look out for The Little Finger's modern-day jewellery shop. Flow+Living sells attractive ceramics with specific lotus imprints and Pomch has an array of accessories including bags, belts and wallets.
Shopping Tip #2: Hong Kong is a cosmopolitan city and very modern in its style. You can shop at the malls or hunt down the bustling street markets. There is something on offer for every pocket.

At Awe of the Street Markets
Once you're drained out at the malls or even at a shopping centre, take a stroll down to the world-class street markets of Hong Kong. There are exclusive markets for every need. Other scintillating places to shop include Cat Street, Tonic Food Street, Dried Seafood Street, the Chueng Sha Wan Street or the Apliu Flea Market.

The highlight: Explore heaps of outlets for anything from USB sticks, cables and CDs to digital cameras, smartphones, laptops and even high-end audio equipment and headphones.
Shopping Tip #3: Being a small city, it is easy to shop in Hong Kong. Public transport is inexpensive, efficient and convenient, and moving around should be the least of your worries.

The Shopping Season
No doubt, there's plenty of fun at the markets. Be it the Ladies Market, the Temple Street Night Market or any local store, such places are overflowing with a blend of gaudy souvenirs, inexpensive clothes and unique stores.
Last, but not the least, in case you are planning to book Hong Kong flights mainly for shopping, you can enjoy saving during the late December sale season. July and August sees some price drops. If you're bold enough to bargain, you'll surely have a gala time at the many markets of Hong Kong.

Shopping Tip #3: Close to the Jade Market, is an indoor mart selling a bounty of bangles and flashy beads. Irene at stall 278 is it-and-a-bit for pearls. Haggling is essential.

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