Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Hey, Did You Just Mention Delhi?

Off-beat Things to do in the Indian Capital City

Undeniably, Delhi is dominated and dotted by age-old landmarks comprising of forts, monuments and mosques, each of them offering a mesmerising feel. That's just the surface. Once you scratch the surface and hunt down the neighbourhoods, alleys and lanes, Delhi offers aunique experience unlike any other city, inviting plenty of flights to Delhi.So, where do we take you first?

Exploring Delhi on a Bicycle
Exploring Delhi begins right from the streets. Being a vast Indian capital city, Delhi has it's own network of transportation, but nothing is as gratifying as riding a bicycle through the city. As you cut through the Delhi air, you'll immerse yourself in the various smells, sounds, tastes and colours of the city. There are even bicycle tours from different parts of the city. These tours begin around 6 am to avoid the rising traffic.

Explore the biggest Spice Market
If you're anywhere near to Chandni Chowk, you can very well smell the assorted spices at the Khari Baoli Road. It is home to the largest wholesale spice market in Asia. Since ages, through spices India has had a strong bonding with the west and a business generating factor. Just stand and watch the variety of spices and how they are packed. It's a sight to watch. Just as the name sounds, this fascinating and congested place is extremely overwhelming. If you think it's too chaotic, it's a good idea to explore the lanes and bylanes of this area and the surrounding places too.

Enjoy Qawwalis at Nizamuddin
Qawwalis have been the backbone of Indian music since the time of kings and kingdoms. To listen to some Sufi music, head towards Hazrat Nizamuddin and find your place at Nizamuddin Auliya. On Thursday evenings, the courtyard is filled with the soulful Sufi music accompanied with unique musical instruments. The family that sings there, has been performing since many years.
Try and reach the place before sunset and dress modestly to mix in with the crowd. Ignore the shopkeepers and vendors who will lure you to buy a few things.

Drown into the Street Life of Delhi
A self-enjoyed walk through Delhi is one of the best activities that one can truly enjoy with Delhi flights. You can start from Paharganj and get lost in the shopping lanes and bylanes of this famed district of Old Delhi. The unique tour is famous as one of the best walking tours in Delhi.

Dine with a Local family
What's more rewarding and interesting than sampling the ethnicity and getting soaked in the Indian culture with an India family? Well, nothing can beat that! Not only you'll get to see an Indian home, but also savour amazing Indian 'home-cooked' delicacies.

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