Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Amusive Auckland:

Eat, Sleep, Drink, Repeat!

Ignoring the two drawbacks of Auckland as an expensive city and as a stopover destination, the 'city of sails' is not only popular but, it is ranked as the 'most liveable city'. There are also a few well kept secrets that will only unfold once you see and experience the city with flights to Auckland that will allow you tolinger on for a few days more.

The 'Fun Stuff' in Auckland

Even in dreams one cannot comprehend that Auckland usually allures people for adrenalined activities such as skydiving, kayaking, jetboating, bungee jumping and volcano trekking. Yes, that's what this city lives up for! Several of these activities will cost you peanuts and they are worth the price. If you're on a budget, Auckland will not disappoint you. There are numerous free and cheap things to be engaged in. Which one will you choose?

The Best View from the Top

Climbing up a volcanic mountain is dreadful but Mount Eden is basically an easy volcano to climb up. Either you can reach the top by a bus or just enjoy a walking trail and soak up the surrounding views of the entire city. With Auckland flights from London ensure that you climb on a clear day to marvel at the creation in all its beauty.

Explore the Mission Bay

Everyone loves a seafront walk and enjoying a walk right from the CBD of Auckland to the Mission Bay seafront is highly rewarding. You not only get to admire the magical views, but get revived with an amazing beach right before your eyes. Enjoy walking down the shores or take a dip in the cool waters, the shore is your floor, treat yourself well.

The Skytower

For a few dollars you can have the whole horizon to yourself. That's what the Auckland Skytower is famous for. Either soak up the engrossing skyline fro the deck or spend in a few dollars more to jump off.

Smell the Roses

If you're in Auckland with your loved one, spice up your romance in the Parnell Rose Garden if you're short on cash. The garden is much much larger than you can think. Adding up to the beauty of the garden, there's a huge park and a tiny beach. Yes, a beach known as Judges Bay! Walk beyond the beach to come across a tempting outdoor swimming pool. Pay to get wet!

Auckland Domain

Parks are the ultimate place to relax and inhale fresh air. If you're up for a big city park, just board a bus from Britomart to Auckland Domain. That's your park! Once in, it wont be difficult to find out that this 175 year old park offers a variety of tracks that you can choose from - Lovers Walk, Forest Walk and the Parnell Walk. Choose the walk you prefer and explore much more than just trees and flowers. Most people come here for a picnic near to the Duck Pond and feel splashes of water from a fountain located right in the middle of the park.

The Waiheke Island

With Auckland flights, now it's time for some island hopping and Auckland has it's share of some sensational islands. Let your adventure begin at Waiheke Island. Just hop on a ferry and within no time your day will start to be more promising. In case you're not sure where to go, you'll be handed out flyers that will direct your next step. The Waiheke Island is amusing in every way.

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