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Eat, Drink & Be Merry, for You're in Goa!!!

A Quick Guide to the Goa Carnival

Hammocks, sun, shades, sunburns, shores and seafood; Goa is much more than these exciting stuffs. You must have heard about the Carnival. Let's take a walk-through into the best Goan festival - the Goa Carnival.
Held every year in February, the four day celebration comprises of music, dance, theatrical performances and several other forms of entertainment, inviting frequent flights to Goa from the UK. We have summarised a guide to the Goan Carnival, so that when you visit next, you know where to stay and how to make the most of it.

The Background of the Festival

The Goa that you see today, was once under Portuguese command, an inhabited Christian country. Hence, the Goan Carnival came out of a customary annual festival just before the Lent period (March to April). Lent, as we all know, is a time when people renounce gaiety and luxuries. So people would have a good time just before Lent, hence, those happy moments came to be known as the Carnival, almost 500 years ago.

Since then, the celebrations have grown to be world famous and featured extravagant jubilee full of posh and pomp. Over the years, the amalgam of Portuguese and Goan celebrations have influenced the Goa Carnival to be what you see today.

The events begin with party preparations right from December. The entire state of Goa is endowed with a powerful enthusiasm for these celebrations. If you happen to be in Goa in January, you will find the entire state decorated brilliantly. Be it trees, buildings, lamp-posts or statues, every inch and corner is drenched with glitters. If you're curious to be in the fest, book tickets to Goa in advance to avoid last minute hassles and disappointments.

What's Beyond the Parties?

The carnival celebrations go beyond the normal parties and dancing. Beginning from the last week of February, the Carnival is a 3-day fun-filled event. Artists and performers swarm in to perform the crowd. There are theatrical performances, fire walkers, fire eaters, acrobats, musical bands, food and more. Grab cheap flights to Goa much in advance and gather memories in this bewitching coastal state of India.

The food, no doubt, is the best part as there's so much to sample and savour. The fact is, the festival starts with food and ends with food. Another main attraction of the Carnival is the Red & Black Dance, where the participants are all dressed in red and black, and they look wildly wonderful. All you have to do is dance around with your partner or friends.

Most of the fiesta takes place around the capital city of Panjim, not leaving Mapusa, Vasco da Gama and Margao behind. The events are ticket-free, so just mix in and enjoy the times like an ardent party animal. The carnival goes through the enchanting alleys and lanes. If you wish to delve into the vivid and electrifying Goan culture, book flights to Goa and head towards the paradise.

So, what can one expect from the Carnival?

·         Colourful bejewelled float parades
·         Sports contests
·         Authentic Goan seafood and a lot of Feni
·         Fashion Shows & DJ Nights

As you book cheap tickets to Goa, the first and the foremost thing we need to comprehend, that this is not a rave party or a beach prom or fete. When you think of a Carnival, you can imagine anything and everything. You get to meet people from every culture, of every age and tongue. There's no entry fee, but yes, you just have to pay INR 100 in order to take part in the Red & Black Dance.

Get on board a cruise organised by Champions Yacht Club and explore boat parties, carnival water bash, relish scrumptious cuisines and win exciting offers and gifts.

Some tips for the party:

·         It’s the peak time period, and all the hotels, guesthouses, and resorts will be packed and prices will shoot up to new highs, so book your accommodation as well as flights in advance.

·         The streets of Goa are usually flooded with people and floats, so if you wish to hit a specific destination during the carnival, you will have to talk to your hotel staff.

·         Keep your valuables safely. Chances of losing things are high.

So get your bags packing and remember to let go of your stress, have tons of fun, and take a lot of pictures so that you can relive the wonderful moments of the Carnival with Goa flights. Just follow the lines: eat, drink and be merry!!!

Thursday, 4 May 2017

I Have Never Seen Orlando Bloom That Way

An insider's guide to the amusing city

Orlando is every child's dream come true. The adults see it as a gateway to their childhood again. If you have been there once or twice, it's easy to choose your favourite spots in the city. If you're travelling for the first time with flights to Orlando, we have highlighted the best things to do and see, places where to eat and stay and how to enjoy the most in a theme park.

Well, Orlando is mostly loved for its well-known theme parks, flamboyant shows, exquisite dining and extravagant shopping complexes that are twice the size of the Manhattan Island. First-time visitors should be ready to be spellbound. Being artificial, these Disney Parks are also renowned for its ideal American holiday and it's an experience like none other. With the Universal Orlando, Sea World and the lush Gardens of Tampa, there are still plenty of places to keep you busy.

But there's more to the theme parks. All you need to do is book cheap tickets to Orlando and explore the city at a snail's pace.

Things to do in Orlando

Beyond the fun-filled theme parks, Orlando offers endless things to keep you on your toes and this will surely be surprising. Let's begin with Cocoa Beach.

Cocoa Beach is barely an hours drive from the city on the Atlantic coast. You can park for free at Ron Jon Surf Shop. While you're planning your next hot-spot visit, you can consider skydiving at Sky Diver Space Centre with one of the highest dives on the planet at 20,000 feel, which is 3.5 miles. Now that's something for the strong-hearted.

OId Florida depicts the city of 1960s, much before the amusement parks even came into being. The Roadside Orlando reigned powerfully back those days. A few of the attractions of the yore still do exist, but the ones that are around, are the best.

Do you dare to step into Gatorland? That's the alligator world that caters to the adventurous and the gallant. You will surely love ziplining over the pools. But these pools are filled with the savage gators. Dare to? You can also drive down, Weeki Wachee Springs and see the real mermaids for yourself.

Feel the zero gravity at the Kennedy Space Centre Complex and get an insight into the Space Program. The impressive guide takes you all around the past, present and the future of Orlando. Book cheap flights to Orlando at the best price with Crystal Travel and gather long-lasting memories.

The nights are even more exciting. Check out the Silver Moon Drive-In, a remnant of an ancient movie theatre. Mount Dora is another favourite attraction located towards north Orlando. Well-known for their craft festivals held each and every year, you can shop for the local merchandise to gift or grace someone.

When to Visit Orlando?

October and March are the best months to visit Orlando with cheap flights to Orlando. These are the warmer months that allow you to take full advantage of water parks, beaches and other outdoor activities.
October is less crowded than March and highly popular with spring breaks. The threat for hurricanes is always there. Take precautions; that's it. Nothing else should hamper your trip to Orlando.

Irresistible Neighbourhoods to Explore

Being a small city, Orlando has compact locality. The centre of the city is graced with Lake Eola. At night, the fountain emits rainbow coloured lights with a soothing background music. Book cheap flights to Orlando much in advance and avail the best offers to save much.

Towards east of the city lies Thorton Park. Encircling the park lies tiny boutiques, stylish restaurants, shops, tree-lined lanes and captivating watering holes.

Downtown Orlando is the heart of the city, catering to night owls and party buffs with neighbourhoods such as Church Street and Orange Ave. Alternatively, Mills Ave features trendy eateries crammed with students and couples.

To keep alternative options for shopping and eating, the Winter Park is an upscale neighbouring city, 15 minutes to the north. It's a complete shopping den, which is overwhelming.

Where to Shop?

Two renowned places that are extremely popular with the locals and tourists are the Mall at Millenia and the Florida Mall. With a unique mix of stores for every budget, you never get bored at the Florida Mall. The Mall at Millenia, on the other hand caters to the rich and the luxurious shoppers. A few Premium Outlets offer great deals on items. Enjoy browsing till your eyes grow tired. Am sure they won't, it's so very alluring.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

A Trip to Bali: Away from the Chaos & Crowd

7 things to do in Bali and yet crave for more

It's lush, serene, cultural and the best place to kill the summer heat - that's right, it's Bali. Ornamented with its share of tourists seeking the sun, sea and sand, the southern Asian beauty is so much more than bar and beaches, inviting frequent flights to Bali. Despite of striking rice terraces, colossal volcanic mountains, cultural villages and age-old temples, tourists still look beyond to find solace as well as spiritual and physical enrichment.

Frankly speaking, the Bali that we all envision, does exist. You can still find ladies wearing sarongs, walking gracefully towards the ancient temples, carrying dignified offerings. You can still see topless male farmers, toiling hard in knee-deep paddy fields along with the selfless buffaloes and sweet-looking ducks.

When to Visit

In terms of the weather, May to July are specifically advised to be the best time to visit to Bali. However, depending on surfing or exploring, the preferences may change. Surfers can swarm into Bali during the dry seasons of May to October and go surfing on some of the world's best waves. Make sure you get tickets to Bali booked much in advance.

The best part is, you do not have to go far to explore the 'real Bali'. Just step out of your resort, explore and soon you'll be surrounded with awestruck volcanoes, resounding gongs, flourishing rice fields, quaint villages and more.
So, searching for something authentic and unique in Bali? Here's something beyond the tourist trail:

Admire the views of Mount Batur

Bali has uncountable range of mountains and Mt. Batur is one of them. With an active volcano and Caldera Lake, the day-trip uphill is quite easy. Up there, the place bustles with crowd who just love to enjoy the cool air. If you are adventurous, you can reach the top with an overnight trek and be closer to nature.

Go Surfing at the Renowned Padang Padang Bay

Famous as one of the best beaches in Bali, the Padang Padang Bay attracts nervy surfers from all over the globe. You might have seen it in the Hollywood flick 'Eat Pray Love'. You can hire a board for £3.86 per hour or even hire an instructor for £12 per hour.

Relish Seafood Treat at Jimbaran Beach

Within 10-minutes reach from the airport the Jimbaran Beach draws visitors to its three expansive restaurants offering assorted seafood delicacies. What was once a tiny fishing village, teems with life and a huge fish market. Popular with tourists and mouth-watering meals, be prepared to soak up authentic Balinese elements. 

Chill out in the Chic Canggu

Among all the districts in Bali, the surfer's town Canggu is highly loved. Endowed with a cool climate and a laid-back glamour the place is extremely down to earth. The captivating cafes and flimsy hangout areas keep pulling people back. Old Man's, Moana Fish Eatery and Dandelion are some of the favourite spots in Canggu.

Take a walk through the Sacred Monkey Forest

Playful, mischievous and adorable, the little macaques rule the nature reserve and also the temple area. The forest is dense and hilly, but makes up for an amazing getaway from the chaos and crowd. There are three major temples that are almost 700 years old. Just stay calm and walk gracefully when you walk pass a monkey. It's a moment to be cherished.

Take a Dip in the Tirta Empul Springs

Balinese and foreign tourists love to soak themselves in the mysterious Tirta Pools for therapy and purification. It is believed that each spring has healing powers. Established in 962 AD, the area is dedicated to the deity Vishnu. With cheapflights to Bali, you'll surely leave the place rejuvenated and spirituallycharged.

Dare to go Wreck Diving?

Heard about the USAT Liberty Wreck Dive? This is the best dive site in Bali located towards the Tulamben shores. The USAT was a US cargo ship attacked by a Japanese submarine in the 1900s. In 1963, the tremors by a volcanic eruption caused the army cargo ship to slip into deep waters, creating a unique dive site since then.

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Delhi turned me into a roadie!!! Am Loving it...

Top escapes from Delhi this summer 
What do you fancy - mountains, cities or the wildlife?'re holding a cup of coffee with your windows opened towards the lush green hills or opening your windows to face the glorious Taj Mahal. Doesn't it sound euphoric? Yes, it's euphoric as well as easily do-able. Summers are on there way back to North India, schools will observe there holidays and if you are planning a trip to to the Indian capital city with flights to Delhi, there are other closer and quick getaways from Delhi too.
Whether you are flocking into the Indian capital city of Delhi with your family, travelling solo or even planning a honeymoon getaway, there are a few surprising escapes from Delhi to excite your senses. So, from this write-up, pick one and enjoy a refreshing summer break unlike any other.

AGRA...exploring the city of love and culture

Agra grabs the first position on the mind and on the list when it comes to a nearby getaway from Delhi. A city that never fails to attract tourists to the monument of love - The Taj Mahal, despite of being crammed and crowded lures famous people, celebrities and others. Being one of the icons among the Wonders of the World, the white-marbled Taj Mahal draws millions of visitors each year towards its charm.

Apart from this majestic palace, Agra is blessed with mosques, forts, religious shrines and temples and palaces. Alternative to the Taj Mahal, the red sandstone Agra Fort is impressive beyond imagination. Other places of interests that you can explore with cheap flightsto Delhi, are - Firozabad, Fatehpur Sikri, Sikandra Fort, Jahangir's Palace, Itmad-ud-Daula and much more.

·         Delhi to Agra is 145 miles
·         November to March is the best time to visit

Jaipur...where 'Pink' is the royal colour

From Uttar Pradesh, let's take you towards Rajasthan, a state steeped in heritage and culture. Jaipur does soak up the summer heat massively, but the city is much more exciting and interesting than imagined. Before moving around the 'Pink City', you need a luxurious stay at one of the elegant hotels. Jaipur has everything you need - magnificent palaces, glorious forts, heritage hotels and an engrossing past.

With tickets to Delhi, if you desire to travel back in time, this is the city that lives up to the expectations of every kind of traveller. Walk down the lanes where the kings and queens strode once. Explore the colourful bazaars and drench yourself in the haunting folk music. Ascend the steep hills of Amber Fort and get a dynamic view of the entire city, as well as drift through the hidden passages and alleys. End your day with a lavish Rajasthani thali.

·         Delhi to Jaipur is 168 miles
·         November to March is the best time to visit 

Shimla...the queen of the hills
Well, let's move towards the coolness of the hills in Himachal Pradesh. Shimla is known as the summer capital since the British Raj in India and it's an all-time favourite not only for international tourists, but for the locals also. Many Delhites flock towards the misty atmosphere of Shimla mostly during the summer holidays.

If you crave snowfalls, December to February are the best months to encounter a whiteout. Being an old, charming city, it has the touch of an European town, especially the with the design of the Christ Church Shimla. Walking down the Mall Road is extremely rewarding. Right from tiny cafes and aromatic restaurants to Lakkar Baazar, the market for wooden articles, you'll fall in love with this lovely hill station.

·         Delhi to Shimla is 215 miles
·         March to June is the best time to visit

Corbett...those eyes are watching you
Away from the collision of the city, culture and heritage, we take you towards the flora and fauna of Uttarakhand that is found in Jim Corbett National Park. This is home to some authentic wildlife such as Royal Bengal Tiger, Elephants and Deer. It's a perfect getaway from all the hustle and bustle of the city life.

The Corbett has its share of thrill and excitement among the tall grasslands, tranquil lakes, riverine belts and tents. Opened from mid-November to mid-June, Corbett calls all safari and wildlife lovers during the winters. With Delhi flights, kids will have a gala time. You can enjoy fishing too at the Kosi River and at Ramganga.

·         Delhi to Corbett is 161 miles
·         November to June is the best time to visit
·         The closest airport is Pantnagar, which is 31 miles from JC National Park.

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Eat, Live & Laugh on a Budget in Sydney

After all Sydney can be enjoyed at a budget too

It's lively, beautiful, cultural and coastal too. That's Sydney for you! No wonder, this sprawling city is admired by several nicknames, which eventually ranks it as one of the most expensive cities of Australia and 20th most expensive city on the planet, inviting frequent flights to Sydney. This should not discourage you, in case you're travelling there for the first time. You need not worry about the usual cost of living in Sydney. Being a traveller to a new city, the concerns for food, drinks and sightseeing does discourage many from fulfilling their dream trip.

On one side, where tourism is on the rise, there are cash-saving alternatives that will definitely turn out to be a treat on your Sydney visit. Hence, it's not just being a 'traveller', but a 'smart-traveller' overall, so that you can enjoy a new city without burning a hole in your pocket with tickets to Sydney. So, where do we begin? Let's begin by Food & Drinks as we love to sample the cuisine of a particular city, but refrain when we see things are quite expensive.

Food & Drinks
Surviving solely on a vegetable sandwich just might not do any good while you're in Sydney. You need real elements, you cannot just live totally on burger and fries and also see that your wallet does not cry out. In order not to break your bank with your three meals a day, jut stay glued to sidewalk bakeries and the roadside cafes that you'll come across frequently.

The exciting part is, you can enjoy discounts if you walk away with your coffee and doughnuts. To relish something more stuffed, you can enjoy pies with meat fillings at the Circular Quay. There are options for vegetarian fillings also. Head towards Chinatown or more towards the interiors to find even more cheaper things to eat at several of the Asian and Indian food courts.

In case Plan A does not work out, switch to Plan B. With cheap flights to Sydney, enjoy a getaway at Surry Hillsand either grab sandwiches, burgers or a bowl full of soup by just paying peanuts. With over 70 restaurants and alluring street food, Chinatown is surely the most promising place for chomping Japanese, Korean and Thai delicacies. Well, you need to check out - George Street, Glebe, Tuesdays, CBD and Big Bite Sydney.

The Food Districts of Sydney:
·         Potts Point
·         Darling Harbour
·         The Rock District
·         Chinatown
·         Surry Hills
·         Bondi Beach
·         The CBD 

In any city, hostels are on the cheaper side. The cheapest dig ranges from $20 to $60, totally depending on the privacy that you are looking for. The largest chain of hostels in Sydney is run by YHA and it's highly regarded for its tidy rooms, amiable staff and minimal rowdiness.
You can try Australian Heritage Hotel, Macleay Lodge Sydney or the Glenferrie Lodge. Most of these hostels range in between $54-$74 per night. For other alternatives, you can also opt for University of Sydney's Wesley College that offers B&B for $60 and St. John's College for $65 a night.

Budget Accommodation in Sydney:
·         Ibis Budget St. Peter
·         Central Railway Hotel
·         Meriton Serviced Apartments Campbell Street
·         Sydney Wattle Hotel
·         Springfield Lodge
·         Hotel Coronatino
·         Macleay Lodge Sydney
·         Southern Cross Hotel

Shopping & Entertainment
Yes, there's Armani, Gucci and even Burberry, but those with less cash can rush towards Paddy's Market to buy some eye-boggling apparels, souvenirs and other things for cheap. With cheap tickets to Sydney from London, you can enjoy some cheaper shows for as low as $30, but not in the nosebleed area. The Sydney Conservatorium holds a couple of Musical Series, where you can enjoy classical music for just $15.

Where to explore shopping stores?
·         Darlinghurst to Paddington
·         The Intersection
·         Glenmore Road
·         Queen Street
·         Sydney Harbour
·         Knox
·         Cross Street
·         Surry Hills
·         Kings Street

Is getting around Sydney cheap?
Walking around the Sydney CBD is gratifying, but if you wish to be somewhere else further, you can call for a taxi that will cost $8 for 1.2 miles. The taxi drivers in Sydney are pretty slow.

The city bus or the train network is quite convenient. If you get a My10Pass, it will save you a lot of money. With the pass you can enjoy 10 bus rides or 5 round trips. Buy a single ride and get a return ticket. The 555 shuttle bus is free in and around the CBD.

Friday, 21 April 2017

Hong Kong: Definitely wilder than King Kong

Traverse to the Pearl of the Orient and live life to the full

Hong Kong, with its bigeminal attributes offers diverse choices for picky holiday-makers. This beguiling metropolis does not fail to pull in and becharm you despite of the number of times you visit. It is an impeccable gateway for travellers to Southeast Asia and China, offering a smooth changeover from west to east and inviting frequentflights to Hong Kong. The Hong Kong Island displays a brilliant infrastructureof skyscrapers and prides in their topography, making the city truly dreamy. Hong Kong spoils you with choices you can never imagine.

Spice up your vacay
Book tickets to Hong Kong to chart out a dramatic vacation among impressive aromas and attractions. To witness striking landmarks of the bewitching city, board the convenient Peak Tram atop the irenic Victoria Peak. Do you know, that Hong Kong's attractive Disneyland is the world's 5th largest, and it's brand new. Anticipate some exciting Broadway shows, fireworks, electrifying rides and exhilarating parades set amidst classical Disney attractions.
The Ocean Theme & Animal Park, located on the Hong Kong Island is home to a large jellyfish aquarium and nourishes giant pandas in their natural habitat.
Alternative to mind-blowing attractions, Hong Kong is home to some unusual pleasures and thrilling experiences. Pamper yourself with an entire city tour and its attractions. You will also get a rare chance to marvel at the pretty-looking, pink coloured dolphins called 'Chinese White Dolphins' or cherish a walk towards the famed Victoria harbour or savour delectable cuisine as well as shop at several inexpensive and convenient shopping outlets. The choices are endless.

Drown in the heritage & culture
Hong Kong lives to flaunt its festivals and Chinese New Year is one of the most celebrated fests in the city. Not to forget, the Dragon Boat Festival is fun to see. Learn about the fascinating heritage of HK by taking a tour of Hong Kong's museums.
With cheap flights to Hong Kong marvel at the state-of-the-art Chinese art gallery and calligraphy at the illustrious Hong Kong Museum of Art, and transfer back 4,000 years to know how everything began. Link up to a heritage tour of distinguished landmarks such as the Man Mo Temple and Kowloon's Walled City.

A gourmets paradise
From award-winning restaurants and avant-garde hotels, you are treated to some of the most succulent Chinese dishes. Do not forget the street-side seafood vendors. Altogether, Hong Kong offers a gastronomic cornucopia. The shopping malls have some great Chinese eateries, and just for a less price, you can relish dim sum and prawn dumplings. Plunge into tea culture, or 'yum cha', and try slurping your noodles. That's the way we do it, says a Hong Kongner and it's delicious!

A true shopping haven
In this prodigious city, shopping is almost a devotional activity. HK for sure, is a shopper’s promised-land. Certainly the city is fortunate to have abundant commodity on offer. Right from jewellery, modern wear to aesthetic, toys and sports equipments, visitors largely select the unique toys, video games, CDs, DVDs, digital cameras and electronic items.

Things are quite cheap in here. A few famous shopping areas and arcades include the IFC Mall, Times Square, Pacific Place and Harbour City. Shopping fanatics would love to examine each and everything and know how to haggle the good deals. Women would definitely prefer to hang out at Ladies Market, Stanley Market and Temple Street and spend lavishly. In one word - Hong Kong will spoil you with choices when you fly down with cheap flights to Hong Kong.

Monday, 13 March 2017

Handy Tips for the First-Timers

I just got Las Vegas and flaunting it!!!

What does one do in a maze of wonders? That's what the swashbuckling Las Vegas is all about. It comes among the top 10 most visited cities in the world, inviting frequent flights to LasVegas from UK. If you're yet to step into this wild and crazy city, sooner or later you'll crave to know and experience what all is Vegas about. Once you step in, all you'll need is a drink in your hand and enthusiasm to walk downtown Vegas. Yes, it's perfectly fine to sip and stroll and you bet, you cannot do this in your hometown, hence, throw caution to the air and sip up. So, all you first-timers, jot down what all you can do on your first trip to the 'fabulous Las Vegas'.

Head to Fremont Street
Whether you've heard anything about Fremont Street or not, this is the land of ultimate parties. Debauchery! Yes, you got it right. The entire lane is filled with kiosks, free concerts, zip lines and party goers can be seen with their unique apparels flocking into the bars and clubs. This can be a whole new level of 'awe and shock'. That's not all, if you can take in some more, waste no time, just head over to Fremont East promenade to explore the best bars in the entire Vegas.

Things to do at Fremont Street
·         Discover antiques at Main Street
·         Time travel on Fremont East
·         Take the Banger Brewing tour
·         See Buffalo Bill’s train car
·         Take in the toys at Neonopolis
·         Enjoy flair bartenders
·         Sleep with the fishes at Golden Nugget casino

Bellagio Fountains
With 1,300 jets expelling a gush of water 500 feet into the air, the free fountain show at the Bellagio is a sight to behold. Guests at the hotel are frequently seen outdoors admiring and clicking photographs of the fountain show. The highlights include each show being choreographed to songs sung by Bruno Mars and Frank Sinatra. With such diverse music genre at the Strip, one truly feels like standing infront of a jukebox right in the middle of a cascading waterfall.

Monday to Friday - 3:00 pm - 8:00 pm
show every 1/2 hour 8:00 pm - 12:00 am show every 15 minutes
Saturdays & Holidays 12:00 pm - 8:00 pm
show every 1/2 hour 8:00 pm - 12:00 am show every 15 minutes
Sundays 11:00 am - 7:00 pm
show every 1/2 hour 7:00 pm - 12:00 am show every 15 minutes

Enjoy a Helicopter Ride
An aerial ride over Las Vegas aboard a helicopter is like star gazing. With just a few dollars, this ride is purely an out-of-the-world experience. The sad part is, many people miss this thrilling ride just because they get low on cash and consider it as unaffordable. Just skip one expensive attraction or a pricey meal and you can pay for your chopper ride. This activity needs to be on the top of your bucket list while booking Las Vegas flights and yes, it is unforgettable.

Jack of Lights - $119
Silver Cloud - $419
Grand Celebration - $449
City Lights Helicopter Strip Tour - $79
Dream Catcher - $614

See a Show
Vegas offers splendid entertainment. It's hard to find a city with world-class shows than the 'Sin City' Vegas itself. Whether it's stupendous acrobats, fantastic dancers, spell-binding magic shows and world famous performers, just make sure you are seated before the curtain goes up.

Best shows in Vegas
·         Absinthe
·         Blue Man Group
·         Jabbawockeez
·         Le Reve: The Dream
·         The Ultimate Vareity Show

'Hog' is the word
Las Vegas is all about 'frills, fun and food'. It's said, the city is a foodie’s dream-come-true, so bite it all up and explore what's the fuss is all about.
With flights from London to Las Vegas relish signature dishes as well as traditional American fares prepared by celebrity chefs at a row of restaurants downtown Carson Avenue.