Monday, 20 February 2017

After all Toronto is Pretty Alluring. Isn't it?

Top 5 activities one can do in Toronto

Undeniably, Toronto appears to rise right from the calm glassed waters of Lake Ontario, that complements the city largely. Bearing an impressive skyline, this is Canada's much loved city that loves to show it off to its visitors. Right from the thriving zoo to the emblematic CN Tower, you'll drool over umpteen things to do in the 'Hogtown', a common nickname for Toronto. If we were to tell you the reasons for loving this city and narrowing down the top things to do, these are the ones that'should be' on the top of your list as you book flights to Toronto.

Wet on the edge

Get your cameras ready as you traverse for 100 minutes from the Toronto main city centre to face the thundering sound of 800,000 gallons of water hurling down the twisted cliffs. The Niagara is a spectacle not to be missed. The Table Rock allows you to push your fears apart and stand at the edge of the famous Horseshoe Falls.
Would you dare to go one step forward and descend 40 metres into the falls and stand beside a curtain of water? If you can conquer you horrors here, then soaring over the falls on a helicopter will be a walk in the park.
·         Aerial Tours - Adults $140 to $190 / Children $87 to $90 / Couples $272
·         Boat Tours - $30 to $115
·         Parks - $1 to $9
·         Golf Course - $75 to $85

The impressive blue yonder

From a distance it's engrossing to admire the blurred image of the city reflecting on the waters against the painter's blue sky, but it's fascinating to gaze at the tall, pin-like dominator challenging its neighbouring edifices. The 554 metres tall CN Tower is impossible to resist while visiting Toronto.
Once you're on the top, you're on your own my friend! The bird's eye view from that level is spellbinding. You might have figured that out while travelling with flight from London to Toronto. The outdoor SkyTerrace, the SkyPod and walking on air on the Glass Floor is nothing less than intriguing. Do it, if you're on such a height.
·         Adult (13-64)   $35.00
·         Senior (65+)    $30.00
·         Child (4-12)     $25.00

Absorb some history

Toronto has it's share of impressive museums that take you back to an appealing historic era. The Royal Ontario Museum tops the list in showcasing a huge collection of historic and cultural items as well as displays on rotation. Combining a universal amalgam of cultures, the ROM is an ocean of experience for the visitors.
Adding to the list of Toronto's museums, the Bata Shoe Museum exhibits over 14,000 footwear components from their collection spread over four enchanting galleries. The items range from ancient Egyptian sandals to Chinese styles. There's always something unique to admire.
·         Museum entrance fees - $5 to $20

Avoid dropping while shopping

Be it tiny crammed shops or avant-garde malls, Toronto has an impressive collection of shops from world-class brands to exclusive designers and captivating open-air markets selling fresh produce and local merchandise. If antiques is your interest, you will not mind spying St. Lawrence Market. It's a place to eat, shop and unwind. Bookworms can jaunt down to a nearby bookstore to grab a good read.
The city also hosts a gigantic consumer craft show twice a year. Now the best part - everything sold at the show is handmade and awesome. You may like the names of top 5 markets in Toronto:
·         St. Lawrence Market
·         Kensington Market and Spadina Avenue
·         Downsview Park Merchants Market
·         Carrot Common
·         Merchants Flea Market

Eat well !!!

In Toronto, you can take your tummy on a world tour and savour a fusion of cuisine. The reason is, more than half the population of Toronto came from several different countries and hence, food is not only a national past time but a celebration. Before you drool any further, just head towards Chinatown, Little Italy and Little India. With Toronto flights ensure that you leave some room for French fries and cheese curds topped with a light brown gravy. That's Poutine for you!

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