Thursday, 2 March 2017

Unparalleled Beauty Beyond Bangkok

Tranquil Places to Explore on the Outskirts

By mentioning Thailand, it feels as if there are a handful of places to explore. Hopefully this write up will remove any misconception. There are places that haven't been turned into tourist hot spot. One such name is Koh Phayam, towards northwest Thailand, bordering Myanmar, which is on the verge of blooming along with its rivals. There aren't any mode of transportation or any hotel chain. You may find shortage of hot water and air conditioning only in the resort bungalows.
Aforetime, Koh Phayam had been a hideout for refugees, but since a few years,ardent holiday-makers have also been flocking into this off-beatdestination with flights to Bangkok. To enjoy speed, a fast ferry from Ranong gets you to a concrete jetty that emerges.

For many, Bangkok can be a beautiful chaotic mess. Forget sleeping; its energy grips and the madness of the city catches you like wild fire. Many a times, the traffic, the crowd and the dusky air churns an escape within. That moment, there's nothing like a quiet space to calm your soul. Stepping out of Bangkok to the nearby places can be soul-stirring. We have charted out a few places to escape the hysteria of the Thai capital.

Lumphini Park
Quietness surrounds Bangkok's largest park. You begin to wonder if at all you've entered a soundproof room. The hustle and bustle of the traffic suddenly dies. A few more steps inside lushness, the singing of the birds revives every bit of your inner being.

The park blooms with a lot of activities - a group cycles around, fitness freaks love to jog around the park, families enjoy absorbing the greenery, children get curious about the fish that jumped out of the lake and others are busy swimming as well as enjoying a massage from an elderly man. At a distance, you can spot a group of young people practicing a dance or martial arts. No wonder, the park comes alive with a variety of things that's embedded in your mind forever.
Lumphini Park is the idyllic way to start your day. Try visiting the place during the early morning hours.

Loha Prasat Wat Ratchanaddaram
An ancient charm, the 19th century temple is located just adjacent to the canal from Phu Khao. Established to symbolize a castle by King Rama III. The 38 turrets represent happiness and the mysterious, spiral staircase at the centre of the Wat takes you to the top. The view is awe-inspiring! Loha Prasat emits solitude, and surprisingly, not many people venture here. Just soak up the calmness.

The structure of the temple is breathtaking. With rectangular intersecting halls, the peculiar maze like design stirs happiness within. The other halls, display space, light and free flowing energy, allowing people to meditate.
The best part is, there are several meditational places in the city, just to overcome the chaos and struggle the city brings. The locals are well-versed with the city-life, hence, a quick escape to these serene places is extremely gratifying.

Supatra River House
Located on Chaya Praya River, opposite Maharas Pier, an attractive boat crosses the broad expanse of water. It's the perfect place to beat the heat and cause the crowd to enjoy nature's healing.
The Supatra River House offers a tranquil oasis and it's gigantic deck invites you to marvel at the spectacular views. With Bangkok flights from London enjoy savouring some authentic Thai food or snacks at the river house restaurant. By evening, you'll be served a set banquet menu or a la carte dining. It's just heavenly!

Traverse Soi Rambuttri

A favourite locality for many, the Soi Rambuttri is quiet and peaceful. Being crammed with backpackers, it's surely the talk of the town. As you walk down this attractive street, just grab coconut water, a bowl of Thai curry and some sweets for the way. if you aren't carrying food, walk into any street-side restaurant and relish some lip-smacking food. 

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