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Harare: Where Wild is Life after all...

Scouting evergreen places in the Zimbabwean capital city

Harare appeases the world with a stunning combination of natural beauty, iconic landmarks and historical ruins. Though trade and commerce have been seen brimming over the years along with stylish buildings, grandiose shopping malls, museums and art centres, Harare also has its share of lush landscapes, forests reserves, gardens and wildlife sanctuaries. At present times, tourism and travel too have been a great aid for development in Harare. Come, let's look into a few iconic places of interestand attraction in Harare itself that brings in frequent flights to Harare.

Wild is Life Harare
A unique wildlife conservation and a place where the 'untamed live in peace'. This 'hope for the animals' venture provides protection and a place for orphan animals, raising them among their natural habitat. People are allowed to interact with the wildlife, spend time here and feed them with safety measures. The animals that you'll spot include zebras, monkeys, sable, kudu, turtles, hawks, elephants, giraffes and other wildebeests. Highlights include the interaction between humans and cheetahs.

This place derives its name from 'rock' and 'red' forming it as the 'Red Rock'. Domboshawa is a tiny town in the Mashonaland district. The most appealing feature of the area is the red rock and the majestic caves decorated with paintings dating back 5,000 years. These paintings were done by the Khoisan tribe, who basically were hunters who used rocks to draw on the cave walls. Their art includes sketches of wild animals, gods and goddesses, planets they worshipped and war scenes. Out of the many, only 200 paintings have been recognised at this present age.

Doon Estate
The Doon Estate is basically a market area where the most common species are the monkeys. You can shop for high fabrics, wood carvings, paintings, vegetables and smaller household things. Apart from the local merchandise, you can buy cakes, chocolates and coffee. Relish some local food and beverages.

Avondale Flea Market
It is an outstanding shopping mall where tourists can discover entertainment, enjoy assorted eatables and buy household stuffs. It's all at the same place. There are even cinema halls, shopping arcades, aromatic cafes, traditional shops and a parking area. Visitors flocking into the city with Harare flights from UK can purchase all kind of stuff from the flea market in Harare.

The Botanical Garden
No doubt, this is the most visited park in Harare. With an area of 58 hectares the garden nourishes 450,000 plant species, around 1000 tree species and many herbs and shrubs. All the species have been brought from the Eastern highlands and Highveld lands of Zimbabwe. An educational institute also abides to inspire citizens and visitors, motivating them to preserve the scarce floral species of Zimbabwe. 

Mukuvisi Woodlands
Situated on Paget Road, Glenara, the Mukuvisi woodlands are famed as Zimbabwe's great game view. Several wildlife and safari lovers swarm into these lands to watch the wildlife of Zimbabwe largely comprising of Kudus, rhinos, giraffes and elephants and several other mammal species. You can also enjoy:
i. Horseback safari
ii. Game drive
iii. Walking safari


Amanzi is an opulent 5-star lodge in the city of Harare. There are unusual gardens, alluring swimming pools, plush restaurants, luxury shopping stores, lush green gardens and petite waterfalls inside the Amanzi lodge. Amanzi is one of the most preferable tourist spots, inviting plenty of flights from London to Harare. It's a must-visit for peopletouring Harare.

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