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Amusement Parks in Hong Kong

The 'Pearl of the Orient' - Hong Kong is bewitching beyond compare, inviting frequent flights to Hong Kong fromUK. It's rather baffling to focus on one attention-grabbing wonder in the city. Whether it's shopping, dining, amusement parks or the cityscape itself, choosing one area is extremely bewildering.
If you're looking for fun escapes in 'Asia's World City ', get ready to focus on nothing else but which ride to board next. With numerous amusement parks to choose from, Hong Kong offers some of the most enlivening rides that you can ever imagine. So, where do we take you first?

The Ocean Park
A largest theme park in Asia, often sees an explosive crowd that it caters to everyone. The concern is, if you can handle the twists, turns and the 360 degree curves of the dragon rollercoaster at the park, you can also control your fear on the Hair Raiser. The ride throttles at 55 miles per hour and it's pure madness. With roughly 8 million spectators, the park ranks 12th in the world.

Standard Day, 1-Day Tickets cost HK$450 (P2,497.68) for General Admission
(ages 12 to 64) and HK$320 for a Child's Ticket
(ages three to 11, P1,776.13)
The Senior Ticket (age 65 and above) costs HK$100 (P555.04)

Hong Kong Disneyland
Need to tell more about Disneyland? You know you can expect something out-of-the-world in this smallest of the globe's Disneyland. The thrills on offer include Tarzan's Tree House, Castle of Sleeping Beauty and a glimpse into the future. To enjoy the next level of excitement, Buzz Lightyear ride will give you steady goosebumps. Shun the scare, take in the fun!

1- day adult ticket is now HK$499, child's ticket HK$355
2- day adult ticket HK$680, child's ticket HK$480
Prices for seniors are unchanged (1-day HK$100, 2-day HK$170)

Snoopy's World
Not exactly a huge theme park, but more of a playground, on the 3rd floor of the New Town Plazz in Sha Tin. Kids love being around the animated replica of Snoopy, Peanuts gang and Charlie Brown. Smaller kids can enjoy the canoe ride and plenty of alluring eatables. Believe it or not, Snoopy's World has 6 zones of amusements. Now, that's something dandy you can enjoy with Hong Kong flights.
The best thing about Snoopy World is - No Admission or Entrance Fee

How about - Ocean Park vs Disneyland?
Undecided about the two parks? Well, no more! These two parks cater to two diverse crowds. Ocean Park is a world-class theme park with excellent gigantic rides. The animal attractions in the park make it a worth visit in their own right. If you crave for some wild, crazy and thrilling rides, the Ocean Park is outstanding.

Alternatively, Hong Kong Disneyland is basically more about experiencing Hollywood and being reconciled with the Disney characters. People of all ages will love watching Mickey dancing down the streets. If you wish to relive the Disney magic, then see them all at Disneyland.

The Wharf Macau
Usually known as Fisherman's Wharf, this ravishing point is 1 hour ferry ride from the Hong Kong Island. While there have been debates regarding calling it as a theme park, there are several things one can do at the leisure facilities positioned alongside the promenade in central Macau. With quite a number of rides, shopping and dining on offer, Wharf Macau is a treat to the soul.
Macau Fisherman's Wharf opens 24 hours, with no admission fee.

The Grand Resort Deck
Being the only water park in the Hong Kong area, the fabulous Grand Resort Deck is a marvellous choice with slides, rapids, a kid's zone and the biggest rooftop wave pool. Now, that's a WOW!!!

This new addition to the theme park is no doubt, one of the best. With a makeover, the Grand Resort Deck is much more attractive and famous with couples and young people.

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