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Delhi turned me into a roadie!!! Am Loving it...

Top escapes from Delhi this summer 
What do you fancy - mountains, cities or the wildlife? Imagine...you're holding a cup of coffee with your windows opened towards the lush green hills or opening your windows to face the glorious Taj Mahal. Doesn't it sound euphoric? Yes, it's euphoric as well as easily do-able. Summers are on there way back to North India, schools will observe there holidays and if you are planning a trip to to the Indian capital city with flights to Delhi, there are other closer and quick getaways from Delhi too.
Whether you are flocking into the Indian capital city of Delhi with your family, travelling solo or even planning a honeymoon getaway, there are a few surprising escapes from Delhi to excite your senses. So, from this write-up, pick one and enjoy a refreshing summer break unlike any other.

AGRA...exploring the city of love and culture

Agra grabs the first position on the mind and on the list when it comes to a nearby getaway from Delhi. A city that never fails to attract tourists to the monument of love - The Taj Mahal, despite of being crammed and crowded lures famous people, celebrities and others. Being one of the icons among the Wonders of the World, the white-marbled Taj Mahal draws millions of visitors each year towards its charm.

Apart from this majestic palace, Agra is blessed with mosques, forts, religious shrines and temples and palaces. Alternative to the Taj Mahal, the red sandstone Agra Fort is impressive beyond imagination. Other places of interests that you can explore with cheap flightsto Delhi, are - Firozabad, Fatehpur Sikri, Sikandra Fort, Jahangir's Palace, Itmad-ud-Daula and much more.

·         Delhi to Agra is 145 miles
·         November to March is the best time to visit

Jaipur...where 'Pink' is the royal colour

From Uttar Pradesh, let's take you towards Rajasthan, a state steeped in heritage and culture. Jaipur does soak up the summer heat massively, but the city is much more exciting and interesting than imagined. Before moving around the 'Pink City', you need a luxurious stay at one of the elegant hotels. Jaipur has everything you need - magnificent palaces, glorious forts, heritage hotels and an engrossing past.

With tickets to Delhi, if you desire to travel back in time, this is the city that lives up to the expectations of every kind of traveller. Walk down the lanes where the kings and queens strode once. Explore the colourful bazaars and drench yourself in the haunting folk music. Ascend the steep hills of Amber Fort and get a dynamic view of the entire city, as well as drift through the hidden passages and alleys. End your day with a lavish Rajasthani thali.

·         Delhi to Jaipur is 168 miles
·         November to March is the best time to visit 

Shimla...the queen of the hills
Well, let's move towards the coolness of the hills in Himachal Pradesh. Shimla is known as the summer capital since the British Raj in India and it's an all-time favourite not only for international tourists, but for the locals also. Many Delhites flock towards the misty atmosphere of Shimla mostly during the summer holidays.

If you crave snowfalls, December to February are the best months to encounter a whiteout. Being an old, charming city, it has the touch of an European town, especially the with the design of the Christ Church Shimla. Walking down the Mall Road is extremely rewarding. Right from tiny cafes and aromatic restaurants to Lakkar Baazar, the market for wooden articles, you'll fall in love with this lovely hill station.

·         Delhi to Shimla is 215 miles
·         March to June is the best time to visit

Corbett...those eyes are watching you
Away from the collision of the city, culture and heritage, we take you towards the flora and fauna of Uttarakhand that is found in Jim Corbett National Park. This is home to some authentic wildlife such as Royal Bengal Tiger, Elephants and Deer. It's a perfect getaway from all the hustle and bustle of the city life.

The Corbett has its share of thrill and excitement among the tall grasslands, tranquil lakes, riverine belts and tents. Opened from mid-November to mid-June, Corbett calls all safari and wildlife lovers during the winters. With Delhi flights, kids will have a gala time. You can enjoy fishing too at the Kosi River and at Ramganga.

·         Delhi to Corbett is 161 miles
·         November to June is the best time to visit
·         The closest airport is Pantnagar, which is 31 miles from JC National Park.

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