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Eat, Drink & Be Merry, for You're in Goa!!!

A Quick Guide to the Goa Carnival

Hammocks, sun, shades, sunburns, shores and seafood; Goa is much more than these exciting stuffs. You must have heard about the Carnival. Let's take a walk-through into the best Goan festival - the Goa Carnival.
Held every year in February, the four day celebration comprises of music, dance, theatrical performances and several other forms of entertainment, inviting frequent flights to Goa from the UK. We have summarised a guide to the Goan Carnival, so that when you visit next, you know where to stay and how to make the most of it.

The Background of the Festival

The Goa that you see today, was once under Portuguese command, an inhabited Christian country. Hence, the Goan Carnival came out of a customary annual festival just before the Lent period (March to April). Lent, as we all know, is a time when people renounce gaiety and luxuries. So people would have a good time just before Lent, hence, those happy moments came to be known as the Carnival, almost 500 years ago.

Since then, the celebrations have grown to be world famous and featured extravagant jubilee full of posh and pomp. Over the years, the amalgam of Portuguese and Goan celebrations have influenced the Goa Carnival to be what you see today.

The events begin with party preparations right from December. The entire state of Goa is endowed with a powerful enthusiasm for these celebrations. If you happen to be in Goa in January, you will find the entire state decorated brilliantly. Be it trees, buildings, lamp-posts or statues, every inch and corner is drenched with glitters. If you're curious to be in the fest, book tickets to Goa in advance to avoid last minute hassles and disappointments.

What's Beyond the Parties?

The carnival celebrations go beyond the normal parties and dancing. Beginning from the last week of February, the Carnival is a 3-day fun-filled event. Artists and performers swarm in to perform the crowd. There are theatrical performances, fire walkers, fire eaters, acrobats, musical bands, food and more. Grab cheap flights to Goa much in advance and gather memories in this bewitching coastal state of India.

The food, no doubt, is the best part as there's so much to sample and savour. The fact is, the festival starts with food and ends with food. Another main attraction of the Carnival is the Red & Black Dance, where the participants are all dressed in red and black, and they look wildly wonderful. All you have to do is dance around with your partner or friends.

Most of the fiesta takes place around the capital city of Panjim, not leaving Mapusa, Vasco da Gama and Margao behind. The events are ticket-free, so just mix in and enjoy the times like an ardent party animal. The carnival goes through the enchanting alleys and lanes. If you wish to delve into the vivid and electrifying Goan culture, book flights to Goa and head towards the paradise.

So, what can one expect from the Carnival?

·         Colourful bejewelled float parades
·         Sports contests
·         Authentic Goan seafood and a lot of Feni
·         Fashion Shows & DJ Nights

As you book cheap tickets to Goa, the first and the foremost thing we need to comprehend, that this is not a rave party or a beach prom or fete. When you think of a Carnival, you can imagine anything and everything. You get to meet people from every culture, of every age and tongue. There's no entry fee, but yes, you just have to pay INR 100 in order to take part in the Red & Black Dance.

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Some tips for the party:

·         It’s the peak time period, and all the hotels, guesthouses, and resorts will be packed and prices will shoot up to new highs, so book your accommodation as well as flights in advance.

·         The streets of Goa are usually flooded with people and floats, so if you wish to hit a specific destination during the carnival, you will have to talk to your hotel staff.

·         Keep your valuables safely. Chances of losing things are high.

So get your bags packing and remember to let go of your stress, have tons of fun, and take a lot of pictures so that you can relive the wonderful moments of the Carnival with Goa flights. Just follow the lines: eat, drink and be merry!!!

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