Friday, 21 April 2017

Hong Kong: Definitely wilder than King Kong

Traverse to the Pearl of the Orient and live life to the full

Hong Kong, with its bigeminal attributes offers diverse choices for picky holiday-makers. This beguiling metropolis does not fail to pull in and becharm you despite of the number of times you visit. It is an impeccable gateway for travellers to Southeast Asia and China, offering a smooth changeover from west to east and inviting frequentflights to Hong Kong. The Hong Kong Island displays a brilliant infrastructureof skyscrapers and prides in their topography, making the city truly dreamy. Hong Kong spoils you with choices you can never imagine.

Spice up your vacay
Book tickets to Hong Kong to chart out a dramatic vacation among impressive aromas and attractions. To witness striking landmarks of the bewitching city, board the convenient Peak Tram atop the irenic Victoria Peak. Do you know, that Hong Kong's attractive Disneyland is the world's 5th largest, and it's brand new. Anticipate some exciting Broadway shows, fireworks, electrifying rides and exhilarating parades set amidst classical Disney attractions.
The Ocean Theme & Animal Park, located on the Hong Kong Island is home to a large jellyfish aquarium and nourishes giant pandas in their natural habitat.
Alternative to mind-blowing attractions, Hong Kong is home to some unusual pleasures and thrilling experiences. Pamper yourself with an entire city tour and its attractions. You will also get a rare chance to marvel at the pretty-looking, pink coloured dolphins called 'Chinese White Dolphins' or cherish a walk towards the famed Victoria harbour or savour delectable cuisine as well as shop at several inexpensive and convenient shopping outlets. The choices are endless.

Drown in the heritage & culture
Hong Kong lives to flaunt its festivals and Chinese New Year is one of the most celebrated fests in the city. Not to forget, the Dragon Boat Festival is fun to see. Learn about the fascinating heritage of HK by taking a tour of Hong Kong's museums.
With cheap flights to Hong Kong marvel at the state-of-the-art Chinese art gallery and calligraphy at the illustrious Hong Kong Museum of Art, and transfer back 4,000 years to know how everything began. Link up to a heritage tour of distinguished landmarks such as the Man Mo Temple and Kowloon's Walled City.

A gourmets paradise
From award-winning restaurants and avant-garde hotels, you are treated to some of the most succulent Chinese dishes. Do not forget the street-side seafood vendors. Altogether, Hong Kong offers a gastronomic cornucopia. The shopping malls have some great Chinese eateries, and just for a less price, you can relish dim sum and prawn dumplings. Plunge into tea culture, or 'yum cha', and try slurping your noodles. That's the way we do it, says a Hong Kongner and it's delicious!

A true shopping haven
In this prodigious city, shopping is almost a devotional activity. HK for sure, is a shopper’s promised-land. Certainly the city is fortunate to have abundant commodity on offer. Right from jewellery, modern wear to aesthetic, toys and sports equipments, visitors largely select the unique toys, video games, CDs, DVDs, digital cameras and electronic items.

Things are quite cheap in here. A few famous shopping areas and arcades include the IFC Mall, Times Square, Pacific Place and Harbour City. Shopping fanatics would love to examine each and everything and know how to haggle the good deals. Women would definitely prefer to hang out at Ladies Market, Stanley Market and Temple Street and spend lavishly. In one word - Hong Kong will spoil you with choices when you fly down with cheap flights to Hong Kong.

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